The situation of the markets as the motivation for our commitment

The retail industry and the markets for retail real estate are characterized by continual and rapid change, higher transparency, internationality and growing customer demands.

For commerce and the real estate industry, this means the necessity of closer cooperation in order to link the interests, as regards the respective customers, of both partners in a win-win situation and together to seek solutions for the changed requirements of the markets.

Commerce aims to and indeed needs to grow and requires modern, innovative and attractive sites to do so.

The real estate developer and the property operator strive for high-yield, sustainable and value enhancing investments. Flexibility of use in the interest of improved crisis management must also be taken into account.

Against the backdrop of the financial and real estate market turbulence in recent years, we believe it is an imperative to pay more attention to site location as a strategic factor and to a closer cooperation of market participants with each other.

Here, with our many years of experience in retailing and in the commercial real estate sector, Kundörfer Consulting offers all market participants support both in terms of strategic consulting and operative implementation.