Our customers and their questions

They are


Retailers, project developers, management companies, lessors, investors, owners, banks, funds, brokers or are otherwise involved in retailing or in the real estate market

They wish to


grow in new markets, optimize their branch or real estate portfolio, regularly updating it to suit current conditions, and

They ask themselves some of the following questions:



Which market offers opportunities for my concept?
Which regions, cities and locations should I engage?
Is this the right time?
Does the market offer me the right sites?
How can I secure my desired sites?
Who will coach my market entry or evaluation process?

Which shopping center has refurbishment potential?
Are there new trading concepts for my shopping center?
Do I have the right sectoral mix in the center?
What can I improve in cooperation with my tenants?

Does my portfolio correspond with my strategy or positioning?
Is the individual site still the right one?
Does the site have potential, or are there alternatives?
Can I exploit the site?
Could my site decision-making process be improved?
Do I need support with the implementation of construction?
Are my lease contracts on a solid legal and financial footing?
Where can cost reduction potential be found around the site?


We’ll be pleased to find the right answers for you!