References & Partners

Vorwerk & Co. / Brugman Küchen

Development of the Brugman Küchen site network for Germany; integration of acquired store chains in the kitchen sector within Vorwerk & Co.

Leder & Schuh International AG including the distribution channels:

Shoe 4 You

Market development in Germany:

Development of the Shoe 4 You site network in Germany.

Implementation and optimization of the Shoe 4 You advertising concept.

Responsibility for the expansion of the distribution channels Shoe 4 You, Jello, Humanic and Corti in Germany, including, among other things, leasing space for the Humanic Megastores in top, first-class locations such as Cologne and Nuremberg.

International Expansion:

Initiation and development of contacts with international project developers, brokers and investors.

Steps toward qualitative growth in the home market of Austria

Consolidation and optimization of the branch portfolio in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia

Expansion of the branch network after market entry in Poland

Market evaluations and market entries in
Romania (Spring 2008),
Switzerland (Autumn 2008),
Croatia (Spring 2009) and
Bulgaria (Spring 2010)

Detailed market analysis and contact initiation for other growth markets

Site Results:

Over 200 of the new Leder & Schuh International sites were realized during my tenure as managing director and board member. Many of these entailed my personal project oversight as well.

Half of the new branches were opened in the CEE countries of Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria.

Development and Application of Standards

For the assessment of sites (structured site evaluation model)

For the drafting of building specifications

For the continuing development of construction procedures and performance requirements with reference to considerations of time, quality and cost concerns

For lease contract requirements

For structured decision-making processes

Development of a structured and system-supported investment controlling module.

Integrated link-up of the entire branch management process (branch life cycle) from expansion and branch opening to business and technical facility management through to branch closure.

Commensurate management and personnel responsibilities.

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