In addition to expansion, site and business consulting, cooperation with our partner, the RSKS Group, enables us to offer BRANCH MANAGEMENT; system-supported IT platforms for the depiction of all relevant processes in the branch lifecycle.

From the moment a site offer is received, on through to the closing of a branch, the decision-making processes and procedures involved in expansion, contract management, the construction department and facility management are carried out here uniforml

Components included in this are:


A clear decision-making process for site selection.
Time and cost effective procurement of development services (supplier selection).
Technical and business management of the branches.
Determination and transparent depiction of responsibilities.
Depiction of costs and key figures with centralized documentation and corresponding options for analysis.
Linking to sales data.

The advantages which result for you:


Branch management generates a wealth of leverage points.
Quality improvements, process simplifications as well as time and cost savings are benefits which result directly,
and are made possible through standardization of procedures and efficient structures with stable value.

Some examples of this are:


Unambiguous master data acquisition and administration.
Automated payment transactions (lease payments or lease payment receipts).
Continual, automatic review of value protection clauses in lease contracts.
Monitoring of time-sensitive data, lease contracts, maintenance contracts, etc.
Operating cost comparisons and operating cost optimization measures.
Standardized planning module.
Systematic, key figure driven control of expansion.
Automated, complex control of approvals.
Business assessment and P&L at the branch level.