Components for dynamic growth:

Market and country selection


We can support and assist you in the selection of the right market or country. We can support you in the selection of the right local contacts and in the preselection of which regions and cities with their respective timings offer the best possibilities for your concept. We can create a strategic branch network plan for you.

Site search and site evaluation


We determine concrete property availability. We check and evaluate the sites offered with respect to the relevant criteria, such as location, size, structural factors, etc., and are happy to negotiate the key financial points for you.

Portfolio management and optimization


We check and evaluate your branch portfolio, create a quality ranking, and from this derive concrete recommendations for you, both in terms of strategy and operations. On this basis and through analysis of the cost situation, we show you areas with potential for quality and cost improvements. If needed, we look for alternatives and support exit strategy management. When action is required, we are also available to assist you with the operative implementation of our suggestions.

In addition to the operative conclusions resulting from the portfolio analysis, we also examine the central question of whether the existing branch network corresponds with the desired strategic positioning of your concept.