Real estate and expansion consulting for the retailing industry

We support our customers in all matters dealing with retail expansion and retail real estate.

We link our international experience in commerce with our extensive site know-how, both for locations in city centers and shopping centers as well as for specialty store locations in Austria, Germany and a host of other countries in the CEE/SEE region.

It is our aim to provide competent and goal-oriented advice for retailers, real estate project developers and all market participants, whether active in retailing or real estate.

Competence in methodology plus experience

That’s why we rely on our competence in methodology, our experience in negotiating and our far-reaching international network.

We are involved with all phases and questions of expansion, market development, site development and site optimization. In dealing with these issues, we take the interests of market participants into account, interconnecting them to create a win-win situation.

We think outside the box and focus on solutions for our customers, working in an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect and straightforwardness.

Sustainability and value creation

Sustainable value enhancement and value retention for our customers is the motor for all we do.

Rainer Kundörfer

      (German MBA equivalent)

“The customer as an individual remains the focal point for me. Empathy and trust form the foundation here for the best possible representation of my customers and partners.”

This is the essence of Rainer Kundörfer’s experience gathered over the last 20 years of hands-on work in the retailing industry.